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Children's Parties

Hi, I'm Steve alias Juggling Jake! I provide exciting childrens entertainment in the form of fun clowning, juggling, balloon modelling and magic shows suited for all ages. Perfect for all occassions and especially children's birthday parties, I provide a fun, safe environment for children to enjoy themselves! All my shows are fully customisable to suit your needs, time available and budget. Take a look at the right hand side to see details of a typical children's party and remember I'm happy to customise the show to meet your needs and requirements.

Juggling Jake's childrens parties and childrens shows are a magical way to celebrate your childs birthday with fun, juggling, magic and laughter! Our stage is bright and exciting with blue curtains edged with a red background with yellow stars. The perfect look to make your childrens party go with a bang!

To book a children's party, or to find out more about me and my shows then please contact me via email or telephone 01962 735797 and I'll be happy to help!

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Circus Skills Parties

My Circus Skills children's parties are becoming more and more popular. I provide a short show and then teach the children a few of the props, including plate spinning, juggling and the diablo! Then the children get to have supervised free time on all of it. It really is a truely interactive, fun, learning experience for all involved - even the parents! If there's time we even end with a short performance by everyone including hats and waistcoats! You can see the format of a typical circus skills children's party on the right, but as ever, all our children's shows are fully cusomisable to suit your needs.

Juggling Jake's circus skills childrens parties are becoming the most popular format for children's parties and shows because they are fully interactive, fun and allow the children to learn and practise a variety of circus skills, including diablo, juggling and plate spinning!

We also run Circus Skills workshops for schools, nurseries, clubs and festivals. Please see Jake's Circus Skills website for more information!

To book a circus skills party, or to find out more about me and my shows then please contact me via email or telephone 01962 735797 and I'll be happy to help!

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Here's a few of the things that other people have said about Juggling Jake's Children's Parties...

"Steve I am so grateful to you. What an amazing show. Thank You so very much. George was thrilled and I have to say, your performance took all the stress out of having a party at our home. Thank You so Very much."

Sandra and Colin
"Hi Steve, I have been meaning to email you to say how much Oliver and his friends enjoyed the party, I don't think I have ever seen Oliver laugh so much! We invested in the devil sticks and some juggling balls for Christmas, and are building up our skills."

"Hi Steve, Thank you very much for coming and entertaining the children on 3rd Dec last year at the Christmas in Selborne event. You were a great success and we would like to book you for this years event which is on 1st December 2012, same venue etc etc."

"Dear Steve, You were absolutely brilliant at our wedding! Thank you so much for making our day so special. Our daughter Ella absolutely loved you and was thrilled to bits that she could spin a plate! You entertained the children brilliantly and we could not have asked for anyone better. I also know that you stayed on well beyond 5pm, and thank you for that. If you need any recommendations then I'm happy to give them, and do use all or part of this email as a testimonial on your website. You were fab! Thanks again! "

Sheridan & Stephane
"Dear Steve, Thank you - you beat me to my thank you letter to you, for which my apologies. I am really pleased that you had a good evening despite the ghastly weather - astonishing how many people turned up! It was great to see you like the Pied Piper about the place! I have taken note re the fee. We were on a very tight budget this year having taken the event over, so really appreciate your help. Clearly we have yet to set a date etc, but will be in touch when we have.  With very many thanks on behalf of the rest of us."

Helen Odiham Church Fete Committee.

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I would love to entertain your son or daughter at their party, please see my options below:

Fun juggling & magic show (1 hr)

Cost: £120
Fun juggling & magic show plus balloons during tea (1½ hr)
(Based on up to 20 children, add £1 per if over)

Cost: £140
Fun juggling & magic show plus circus skills (1½ hr)
with Balloons add £1 per child

Cost: £150
Juggling Show and Circus skills plus Magic during tea (2 hrs)
with Balloons add £1 per child
Cost: £160

Additional Items:
Low 3m Tightwire (6inch high) please add £10
**4 Metre Tightwire** (½m high) please add £25
Ride on Ezy rollers please add £20

Circus skills includes:-Scarfs, balls, diabolos, plates, devil sticks, pedal gos, mini bikes, Unicycle, balance beam, string stilts ball & cups etc...

All based on up to 30 children, please add £20 if over. (Bigger & more boxes Rq'd,). Ensure you get a large Hall.

Balloons at Circus Skills Parties will all be pre made and handed out at the end of my time so I can concentrate on the Circus workshop.

Fees are based up to max 20mile radius from winchester. If over extra charges apply.

Please bear in mind the circus skills will be limited if in a garden or in a house. its better in a hall. (preferably no gardens Nov-March)

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Contact Juggling Jake

If you'd like to book Juggling Jake for your children's party then please telephone 01962 735797 or 07484 728188. Alternatively, email me at jugglejake@yahoo.co.uk or complete the form below...

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To book a childrens party with Juggling Jake please call Winchester (01962) 735797

A typical 1½ hour children's party consists of...

Fun Juggling & Magic Show
(¾ - 1 hr)

Scarf Throwing
(10 mins - optional)

Balloon Models with tea
(½ hr - optional)

All shows can be fully customised to suit your needs!

A typical 2 hour circus skills party consists of...

Fun Juggling & Magic Show
(½ hr)

Learn Scarf Juggling
(10 mins)

Learn Diabolo
(10 mins)

Learn Plate Spinning
(10 mins)

Close-up magic with tea
(½ hr - optional)

Free Time
(30 mins)

All shows can be fully customised to suit your needs!

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